Restaurant Reviews

Food reviews and restaurant menus for the greater Philadelphia area, no matter what type of cuisine you are looking for!

Restaurant guide, The Best of Food is much more than your typical dining guide or restaurant finder. We offer ratings and descriptions of the type of atmosphere each restaurant or eatery offers, in addition to being a directory. 

Totally unbiased and honest restaurant reviews make The Best of Food the top source in Philadelphia for those that enjoy eating out. We rate every type of dining including take out, quick bites, and fine dining. 


Take a look through our directory of restaurant reviews, or if you are looking for specific food reviews for a given city or cuisine, use our searchable database to locate food in your town! We offer restaurant menus, hours, and we are an atmosphere descriptive dining guide. Unlike the typical restaurant finder, you will get unbiased information, and various ratings, as well as, maps! 

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